NeHo Life Science Consulting offers services for the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry (Pharma, Biotech and Diagnostic).

As Senior Executive in one of the world wide leading, globally acting pharmaceutical companies I gained 24 years of profound expertise in drug early research project planning and the drug development process.


  • the entire drug development process
  • focus on biologicals and biosimilars
  • the portfolio-management of a company
  • organization of collaborations with CROs
  • scientific judgment and rating of Biotech Companies
  • due diligences and M&A support
  • management of departments with all administrative tasks including hiring, heading and guiding people
  • different disease areas (focus on neurodegenerative and metabolic diseases)

Board Memberships

  • Member of the executive board of early drug discovery portfolio management team
  • Member of the executive board of collaboration management team
  • Member of executive board responsible for technologies in functional genomics
  • Member of executive board responsible for outsourcing of projects 
  • Member the executive board of iPep industrial protein expression and purification coordination team
  • Member of the executive board of TFA technical feasibility assessment team
  • Member of the evaluation-team of Biotech Companies and Alliances 
  • Member of bioinformatics team 


NeHo Life Sciences Consulting GmbH
Marschalkenstrasse 67
CH-4054 Basel

Contact: Dr. Peter Nelboek

+41 61 281 45 73

UID: CHE-206.564.609 HR

Website: MOTO und Marius Küng


Conception, Planning and Implementation


NeHo establishes a systematic plan to drive research comprising target identification, target validation, experimental design, data collection, methods and new technologies.

Drug Development

Target identification and verification, research plan, HTS and hit finding, lead optimization. Pharmacokinetics and safety issues as far as to clinical trials.


Identify and organize outsourcing possibilities to save time and reduce upcoming costs. Identification of the best possible partners for the successful execution of a business strategy.

Business Development

Identify external options that nourish in house resources and out license own products.

Patent Issues

Solving patent issues with focus on Biologicals and Biosimilars.


Protect the portfolio of a company by thoroughly guided patent strategy.



Portfolio analysis to minimize risks by establishing a balanced portfolio. Based on our long lasting experience in the pharmaceutical industry we reevaluate the portfolio of a company.

Mergers & Acquisitions

To supplement the portfolio of a company by verified and well aligned Mergers & Acquisitions.


Explore in- and out-licensing potential for the benefit of the portfolio of an institution.



Selection and implementation of research and development tools for the sucessful production of biologicals.


Selection and implementation of research and development tools for the sucessful production of biosimilars with specific focus on patent issues.

New Technologies in Molecular-Biology and Protein-Biochemistry

Stay updated with new technologies to make your research most cost effective for the development of new medicines.




  • state of the art cloning technologies
  • characterisation of constructs
  • state of the art sequencing technologies
  • PCR technologies


Prokaryotic Systems

Eukaryotic Systems

  •  Baculovirus insect cells
  •  higher eukaryotic cells: CHO, COS, HEK293 etc


  • mRNA
  • siRNA
  • miRNA
  • snRNA


protein purification

protein characterisation


Prokaryotic Cells

Eukaryotic Cells

Primary Cells

Development in Functional Genomics

  • Proteomics
  • Affymetrix/Illumina Technologies
  • SystemX
  • High Content Sequencing

Disease Areas

Diseases of the CNS

Neurodegenerative Disorders:

  • Alzheimers
  • Huntington
  • ALS

Psychiatric Disorders:

  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia

Diseases of the Metabolic System

Diabetes TypeI and II

Artheriosclerotic Diseases


Running Departments

providing administrative support for the first-rate organizational architecture of departments

M & A Support

NeHo offers competence in M&A gained by the successful accomplishment of due dilligences for more than 40 Biotech Companies. To enrich the portfolio of a company we identify well aligned options for Mergers & Acquisition

Drug Development Process

we design the development process of a potential drug candidate as far as phase1 of clinical trials

Portfolio Management

based on the expertise as board member in the project portfolio management team of a large globally acting pharmaceutical company NeHo offers support in the judgment and organization of a balanced portfolio


Patent No 7.247.766 2007

Double transgenic mice overexpressing human beta secretase and 

human APP-London

Patent No 0106,581 Patent No EP1439221 (A1), 2005

Modified phosphodiesterase polypeptides with altered physiochemical properties 

Patent No 0125,257 03 2003

Assay for identifying beta secretase inhibitors

On the basis of 24 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry NeHo Life Sciences Consulting offers professional expertise in the evaluation and management of projects in Life Sciences.